About Us

Lulu Handmade Knits started as an ode to my mom, my grandma Petra and my aunty Coco. Growing up I remember I was about 6 years old when we used to sit down with my mom to watch TV in the afternoons while she did crafts, especially sewing and crochet. I was always fascinated by the fact she could create something wearable and useful with a simple hook and some yarn. Seeing her create bags, baby clothes, and many other things inspired me to pursue fashion design as a teenager. I took a fashion design course in Mexico where I learned pattern making, sketching and sewing not knowing these skills will help me later in life.

I moved to Los Angeles, California in 2005 and after graduating high school I decided to pursue a career in architecture and graduated in 2016 from Cal Poly Pomona. I started working for an Architect Firm but my job was unfortunately impacted by the pandemic. After not knowing what my future had in store for me I decided to create Lulu Handmade Knits. I ordered some yarn, found a crochet hook in my storage and decided to crochet a blanket. Made 300 granny squares and finished my first ever crotchet project.

After finishing the blanket I decided to learn more crochet and knitting techniques and put my fashion design skill to use. Lulu Handmade Knits has grown so much I'm happy to say it's become my small business. I design buildings by day and crotchet by night. 

Each piece I have made is so unique, it is nearly impossible to re-create it.


I hope every single one of you that purchases my designs know that you are getting a timeless piece made with lots of love.

Thank you,

Maria de Lourdes Ornelas Funes